Embrace Your Birth

"The most relaxed and peaceful natural birth I've seen. The hypnosis was a big help!"
- Registered Nurse, St. Charles Medical Center

"During my birthing time, I spent the majority of it walking, talking, laughing, and moving about, all  while in deep hypnosis. I was able to do this because of my center switch which I created in Hypnobabies. I was still comfortable, even while walking the halls of the hospital and having my pressure waves. The nurses didn't know quite what to think as I was laughing and chatting away during my birth. As the pressure waves intensified I did turn off during the pressure waves, Bit would again be in center and talking between. You can see this in my birth video on you tube!"    
- Sheridon, CA

" My Birth experience was only free of suffering, but deeply pleasurable and completely satisfying!"

"I am so thankful that I used Hypnobabies for this birth. I wish every mother could know how Hypnobabies empowers women during childbirth. Thank you!"

"My patients who take Hypnobabies classes are so much in control during labor, completely comfortable without any medication.
-Dr. Jeffry Illeck

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