Embrace Your Birth

Do you want to have an enjoyable birth experience?

Do you want to give birth with joy and love and comfort?


Hypnobabies is a method of childbirth preparation that uses hypnotic techniques, imagery and visualization to teach the inner mind in a very positive way, and eliminate pain and fear from the birthing experience. This is different from any other kind of hypnotherapy or childbirth education that is available!

70% of Hypnobabies Students experience NO PAIN during their birthing time!

self-hypnosis for birthing, AND it is a complete childbirth education course, covering the same topics taught in other childbirth classes, and more!

HYPNOBABIES mothers are never "asleep." They are fully aware, in control of their birthing bodies, and in tune with their babies.

HYPNOBABIES moms are able to move around and talk throughout the entire birthing process, while remaining deeply in self-hypnosis, which automatically creates powerful anesthesia in their birthing bodies … the same hypno-anesthesia used for surgeries.

The wonderful benefits of a Hypnobabies birth:

  • Relaxed Mom and Dad throughout pregnancy, labor and birth
  • Shorter labors due to lack of resistance in the birthing muscles
  • Fewer complications and interventions, as the body and mind stay completely relaxed during labor
  • Proper positioning of baby during pregnancy and birth: Posterior and Breech babies can be turned with hypnosis
  • Fewer drugs or no drugs at all, means less risk of harmful side effects for mother and baby
  • Elimination of the Fear/Tension/Pain Syndrome
  • Easier recovery, with less pain, bleeding and “baby blues”
Click Here for 2 FREE downloadable tracks from Hypnobabies®, with a 20 minute explanation of what hypnosis and Hypnobabies® are, and a special gift – our “Relax Me” hypnosis session, which allows you to actually experience deep relaxation and a hypnotic state, as well as learn a special cue that trains you to become calm and relaxed in any situation, which you can use for the rest of your life!

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