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Hello, I welcome you to my site and hope that you have found what you are looking for. I completely believe that if you choose to practice and use the Hypnobabies program for your birth, you will have the birth of your dreams. It happened for me!

Krystle Rodriguez

I have been a Nurse for 10 years, CNA and Med/PT assistant for 4 years prior to that. I began my training in high school knowing I had a genuine desire to  help people.  After graduating from nursing school I married my wonderful husband Arturo. I started my nursing career on the medical floor and  gained a great deal of valuable knowledge about not only medicine but about myself. About the time I knew that I wanted change my  focus to woman's health,  had become pregnant with my first child. My first birth was a traditional hospital birth that brought my first daughter into this world. Soon after G's first birthday we found out we were expecting our second child. I knew  this time around, I was going to stand strong in my belief that my birthing would be much easier and without avoidable interventions. I decided to see the midwifes and birth at a birthing center. I spent many hours researching natural childbirth. When I found Hypnobabies I was struck by two things. For one, the mind is reprogrammed to be confident in the bodies natural ability to birth easily and comfortably. Two, was the use of the same hypno-anesthesia that is used in the medical field. I researched this further and found many  medical sources that explained  and advocated for the use of hypno-anesthesia. I was sold. I used  Hypnobabies and had the  birth of my dreams. My birth was easy and comfortable. While my baby  was crowning I only felt some slight stretching sensations. I gave birth to my second daughter in 2007. 

I knew moments after her birth that I wanted to bring Hypnobabies to as many mother's-to-be that I could.

My Hypnobabies Birth Story:

My birthing time began in the same manor as my first, with pressure waves every 10-15 minutes for about two days. These pressure waves were just as intense as the ones when I was in transition, they were just farther apart. On the second evening of pressure waves I noticed them getting closer together. I read good night stories to G. Having to stop a few times during the pressure waves. When they were gone I would just continue on.  I said good night to my mom and dad, lied down in bed, had my husband massaging my back and I put on my Hypnobabies CD's with my IPOD. Soon my dad had gone and everyone was asleep. I felt things becoming even more intense. I put my mental light switch in "center" position, allowing me to move around comfortably, and I got out of bed. I was extremely surprised that I had been relaxing there for two hours. It felt like thirty minutes. I went to the bathroom, then to the couch.  I turned my mental light switch to "off" and listened to more Hypnobabies CD's on my IPOD. I was able to relax in that position until the tracks I was listening to were over. At that point, I was in "center" position I would walk to the bathroom sit on the toilet  and have two pressure waves right on top of each other, then I would walk to the couch and lay down or sit. I was repeating this for awhile. I was noticing lots of bloody show. I believe this was when I was in transition. This was the most intense time. This was brief and I just went to the couch to relax while my mom was timing my pressure waves. They were every one and half to three minutes. My mother called my dad to notify him that he needed to get ready to return to the house to stay with my sleeping child. She also called the midwives while I sat on the couch. We were all unsure if it was the right time to go to the birth center, beacause I was so comfortable. My dad arrived at our house. After a birthing wave, I suddenly got off the couch and announced that it was time to go. My body knew and let me know. My pressure waves were so close I stopped every 5-6 steps to relax through them. I got into the front seat and buckled in I had a body pillow against the window that I was laying against, with my IPOD playing Hypnobabies. I looked like I was asleep. 

We got to the birth center, I stayed in my comfortable  spot in the front seat while my bags where unloaded. My birthing day track was in the CD player in the room. I got out of the car and walked up the steps of the birth center. It was dawn the sky was a beautiful shade of blue and the air was so cool on my body. I smiled as a began walking up the front steps to the porch thinking, "This is were I am going to have my baby this morning." I continued into the birth center The nurse and Midwife were already there. As I walked up the stairs I stopped with one foot on  the next step and one below smiling at the midwife waiting for me at the top. I was just smiling through a  pressure wave that she had no idea I was having. When I got to the top she put her hand on my shoulder and said, " You look so beautiful." The nurse had stated she was going to go get coffee. She didn't even believe I was in labor. The midwife asked her to wait until she checked my cervix. I was 7 centimeters. The nurse then stated, " I guess I am not going anywhere." An IV was started while I was standing and relaxing through pressure waves. I was walking around the room rocking back and forth while holding my husband. I got into bed and leaned over the head board. I was beginning to bear down with my pressure waves. I was completely comfortable and calm doing what my body told me to.

I reached over and skipped to the  final Hypnobabies track "Pushing baby out." I lied down on the bed as if I was asleep and I was so comfortable. I got a feeling that I needed to get out of bed. So I did. I walked to the foot of the bed and squatted down on the hard wood floor. I, felt fullness, reached down and discovered that the fullness I was feeling was my baby's head, now about to crown. I told my mom to notify the midwife. My husband squatted down beside me with his hand on my back. The midwife and nurse came in. There was no room between the bed and me so the midwife squatted down beside me. She asked if I needed any help I shook my head, "no". I could feel a slight stretching sensation. I put both hands between my legs and pushed my baby out into them. I pulled her to my chest and stood up holding her on my chest. I walked to the top of the bed and lied down with my baby, her cord still attached and pulsating. My husband joined us I put her near my breast and she immediately began breastfeeding. I smiled at my husband. Soon after big sister woke up at her regular time and her and grandpa came to meet the new baby girl. G crawled into bed with new sister, Dad, and me and we took our first family-of-four picture. 


S weighed 9 lbs 5oz. Her birthing was exactly as I had visualized it to be during my Hypnobabies training. She was born at the exact time... down to the minute!  My husband was on the exact side, and I was in the exact position that I had visualized months prior. 

The easy, joyous, and comfortable birth you want is possible.

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